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Revolutions and Laws of Political Systems Evolution

About Revolutions and Laws of Political Systems Evolution
No no no, not 100 million people, but 7 billion. But you must come up with a hell of a good idea, Geanina. So what about opening up all bank accounts worldwide? The majoraty will vote yes. For the poor don't have a penny to loose. Revolution? You bet a transparent money system will turn the world up dide down.
Miscarea Tehnocrata Romania Noastra
Miscarea Tehnocrata Romania Noastra(The New Technocratical Movement - New Romania)
Ok. You destroy a system. What you will put in place ? Otherwise will be chaos, I think you realise that.
Ok.Chaos anyway,but think about it. Everybody in this world the same income. If you have brains or not, all on earth is owned by all. So the same income. But of your income you have to give away 50% to people that you admirefor what they do. (Not family). No coins anymore. Just a transparentinternet account. Also for the multinationals.. The day ... Vezi mai multthis is done crime stops. And poverty or starvation does not exist any longer. This system willl certainly bring great fear to the rich. Their money is worth nothing if the poor ignore it all. Money does not belong to the banks or the governments. It is the man of the street that owns and rules his money.
Miscarea Tehnocrata Romania Noastra
Miscarea Tehnocrata Romania Noastra
People are not equal by nature. It is impossible to make them to be. Some ar smart to some things, some are not, or are to other things. We lived in communism and we know better :) Did you ? The inequity is the same but is well masqued, so the equality is a big lie in such a system. Such a system can be apllyed only on a mass of educated population, but this is only theory. This educated mass do not exist ! Communism proved it many times.
But dear Miscarea. Read my idea well.By giving away 50% of your earnings you make other happy. If you do good you be a miljonair. If you do bad you have 50% of your salary. In this case it is not an employer who pays. It is your neighbour who pays. The way people are going to treat each other will be completely different. This system has absolutely nothing to do with communisme.
Miscarea Tehnocrata Romania Noastra
Miscarea Tehnocrata Romania Noastra
My solution is to improve/modify the actual system, and make it better little by little. Maybe will rich to that kind of society you talk about.

Revolutions, as Universal Solutions, most often are creating problems bigger then the resolved ones. Give people time to think and to evolve.

The system you promote is completley new is not tested and nobody knows how to solve it's problems. This is the main problem of revolutions.... Vezi mai mult

Is not normal to change something throu violent movement and to not have a detailed plan of another system to put in place.

When you go to a new house in other town, in the first place, you build a new one, and after that you move in the new one.

Is not smart to start to move, before, you have the new house. You will have nothing above your head and you'll be already too far from the old house to come back.

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